Department of Stomatology
Department introduction
  • The unique tooth processing centre is safe and convenient.The department of stomatology has 11 advanced independent clinics, 3 VIP clinics, 8 comprehensive treatment rooms, and 2 implant operating rooms. It features dental implantation, digital all-porcelain crowns, CAD/CAM chair scanning, minimally invasive tooth extraction, modern root canal treatment, ultra-thin anterior tooth aesthetics, veneer aesthetic filling and other projects. In particular, the minimally invasive dental implant and aesthetic restoration technology have reached the advanced level in the province. At the same time, our hospital has its own dental processing centre, there is no need to wait in the process of treatment.The department now has 13 sets of German Sinod high-end intelligent comprehensive therapeutic machines, Dentsberssinod 3DX ray, CAD/CAM - (porcelain recon) beside the dentists exclusive chair, painless periodontal therapeutic equipment, modern root canal machine expansion instrument, imported nickel-titanium root canal expansion system, ultrasonic root canal therapy instrument, light curing instrument, laser instrument and other high-end cutting-edge equipment. It is equipped with various imported aesthetic filling materials for the treatment of tooth defects, which can meet the treatment needs of different patients.
Carry out the project

Minimally invasive dental implant

Instant Whitening

Ultra-thin anterior teeth aesthetic veneer

Digital all-ceramic dental crowns

Digital all-ceramic crown CAD/CAM chair-side mouth scan

Painless Scaling

Minimally invasive tooth extraction

Modern Endodontics

Aesthetic Filling

Various kinds of movable dentures

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