Department of Pediatrics
Department introduction
  • Childrens respiratory tract infection, asthma and other diseases have reached the provincial advanced level.NICU and childrens emergency room are configured.Pediatrics is a comprehensive department composed of neonatal diseases, pediatric internal disease diagnosis and treatment and child health care. Multifaceted paediatric services that provide safe, professional and enjoyable experiences for children aged 0-14 years. At present, there are 5 pediatric outpatient clinics, 8 nursing clinics, outpatient resting rooms, pediatric treatment areas, and neonatal treatment areas.In terms of the diagnosis and treatment of common neonatal diseases and critical diseases, the department has a comprehensive treatment program and a complete post-diagnosis and treatment service system, which can effectively diagnose and treat neonatal pathological jaundice, neonatal ventricular rest, neonatal infectious diseases, high-risk infants and preterm infants.In the treatment of childrens respiratory, digestive, nervous, urinary, circulatory, immune and other systems of common diseases, strictly observe the diagnosis and treatment norms, follow the expert consensus, pay attention to the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine to carry out characteristic therapy, combined with massage, acupoint application, acupuncture, cupping, and with spectrum, atomization inhalation treatment, greatly improve the treatment effect, benefit the majority of children.His family has a health check-up outpatient service, regular physical examination for 0-18, and school, kindergarten physical examination; Psychological clinic also offers diagnosis and treatment of autism, autism, ADHD, sensory disorders and other diseases. Internal examination room, can provide bone mineral density, nutrient composition analyzer, percutaneous jaundice detection, ABR and hearing screening, etc. The mental nursing room provides early education, touching, passive exercises, and behavioral development guidance. Sensory integration training was performed in sensory integration room. The child development assessment room can conduct cerebral palsy screening, DDST, Gesell, etc., to escort the health of the majority of children.
Carry out the project

Treatment of neonatal diseases (asphyxia, jaundice, infection, prematurity, high-risk infants, etc.)

Common diseases and illnesses of children's respiratory, digestive, neurological, urinary, circulatory and immune systems

Gastrointestinal electron microscopy

Pulmonary function tests

Childhood asthma

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