Urology Surgery
Department introduction
  • Da Vinci surgical robot accurately excises the tumor in the tricky part of the urinary tract.Complex bladder tumor resection prostate tumor resection reached the domestic advanced level.The department of urology is in sync with the treatment concept of Peking University First Hospital and Peking University Cancer Hospital, and has reached the domestic advanced level in laparoscopic and endoendoscopic minimally invasive surgery. The department introduced Olympus electroprostatectomy, percutaneous nephroscopy, cystoscopy, Swiss EMS ballistic lithotripsy carrier, holmium laser and other advanced medical equipment, routinely carried out laparoscopic radical nephrectomy, partial nephrectomy, radical nephrectomy, renal pedicle lymphangiectomy, etc. Transurethral resection of prostate, transurethral resection of bladder tumor, urethral stricture incision and other endoscopic surgery; Transurethral laser lithotripsy under ureteroscopy; Percutaneous nephroscope rubble nephrolithotomy, etc.Director Zhang Yuhong specializes in the comprehensive treatment of complex genitourinary system tumors, as well as a variety of difficult laparoscopic minimally invasive resection, radical resection of tumors and correction and molding surgery of genital deformity in children.The department carried out the fourth generation Da Vinci robotic surgery.
Carry out the project

Precise resection of tumors in "tricky" parts of the urinary tract

Da Vinci 4th generation surgical robot: Guowen Medical Group Changchun Hospital introduced Da Vinci 4th generation surgical robot, which can 10 times high-definition three-dimensional imaging, multi-angle automatic switching function, clearer and more realistic surgical field. The arm can travel 360 degrees in a narrow space, and can remove "tricky" tumors with ease.

EMS lithotripsy carrier: the best equipment for intracavitary treatment of human urinary stones, with the functions of ultrasonic lithotripsy, constant negative pressure attraction, pneumatic ballistic lithotripsy and holmium laser lithotripsy. It has a wide range of applications and can treat all stones in the human urinary tract (kidney stones, ureteral stones, bladder stones). Active cleaning of stone particles while lithotripsy, shortening the operation time. Negative pressure attraction is turned on during lithotripsy, so that stones are not easily displaced and complications of infection caused by increased pressure in the renal pelvis are avoided.

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