Department of Neurosurgery
Department introduction
  • The worlds top KINEVO 900 robotic operating microscope.Surgical accuracy and safety have reached a higher level.The Department of Neurosurgery is committed to the concept and technology of minimally invasive neurosurgery as the core, carrying out a number of subspecialized clinical work such as craniocerebral and spinal cord tumors, cerebrovascular diseases, craniocerebral trauma and cerebral hemorrhage.The department adopts the most advanced Zeiss robotic surgical microscope in the world, which can efficiently carry out intraoperative displacement and real-time tumor tracking, greatly improving the accuracy and safety of surgery. Especially in the skull base tumor, intracranial complex aneurysm, craniopharyngioma, complex pituitary tumor, high cervical intramedullary tumor and other difficult neurosurgical operations in the province advanced level.
Carry out the project

Central nervous tumor

Functional neurosurgery

Neurovascular intervention

Spinal diseases

Minimally invasive treatment of craniocerebral trauma and cerebral hemorrhage and other neurosurgical diseases

Minimally invasive treatment of intracranial tumors, intravertebral tumors, cerebrovascular diseases, and cranial nerve diseases

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