Molecular Diagnosis and Treatment Center
Department introduction
  • Tumor related PET/CT imaging diagnosis and tumor radionuclide treatment are advanced in China.The only molecular diagnosis and treatment centre in the province capable of preparingtargeted labeled nuclides.In the aspects of tumor detection, diagnosis, staging and therapeutic effect evaluation, the department synchronizes with the diagnosis and treatment technology of Peking University Cancer Hospital. PET/CT examination is mainly used for early diagnosis, staging, restaging after treatment, protocol evaluation, radiotherapy target volume delineation, interventional radiotherapy guidance and so on. PETCT/CT was performed for whole body bone scan, renal dynamic and GFR measurement, thyroid imaging, sentinel lymph node imaging of breast cancer/skin melanoma and other examinations.The molecular Diagnosis and treatment centre of Guowen Corporation headquarters is the largest radionuclide treatment base in Northeast China. The centre is equipped with radioactive iodine treatment area with a building area of nearly 1100 square meters, including 9 high-end 131I treatment wards and 2 125I treatment wards. Other radionuclide treatment areas, covering a building area of nearly 1500 square meters, are equipped with 12 advanced radionuclide treatment wards, thyroid aspiration 131I measurement rooms, application treatment rooms, and treatment areas (177Lu, 89 Sr and other radionuclide treatment areas). In cooperation with the Nuclear medicine Department of the affiliated hospitals of well-known European universities, iodine 125 particles will be implanted in key buildings for the treatment of prostate cancer and other tumors, and iodine 131 will be used for the treatment of postoperative nail removal and metastasis of thyroid cancer. To become Asias only in the minority frontier molecular diagnostic medical institutions of the project, will be at the top of the worlds top nuclear medical centre.
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