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  • The first Swiss Roche laboratory in Northeast China.Swiss import original reagent inspection result precision.CCM (cobas connection modules) laboratory automation solutions, through the rail connection of sample analysis before, analysis and analysis of automation equipment, combined with intelligent IT system, can achieve biochemical, immune, blood cell, blood coagulation, emergency testing platform comprehensive optimization integration, and in the whole process of testing to achieve intelligent management.In the future, patients can detect 157 biochemical and immune programs with only 1 tube of blood, reducing the burden of blood collection for children, the elderly and special populations, and the test report can be obtained after 2.5 hours, and the waiting time for test results is 40% shorter than before, and the whole process is automated, more accurate and more efficient.
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The center can carry out more than 300 tests such as blood cell analysis, urinalysis, liver function, kidney function, cardiac enzymes, infectious markers, tumor markers, hormones, eugenics series, coagulation routine, D-dimer, allergens, thromboelastography and other tests.

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