Department introduction
  • Obstetrics is a professional department integrating medical treatment, health care, teaching and scientific research, with complete functions and advanced equipment, equipped with the provinces leading first-class clean delivery room, and has warm single room wards and VIP suites. The department has strong scientific research ability, takes the lead in carrying out all kinds of neonatal delivery technology, and has advanced neonatal monitoring equipment and postpartum and postoperative medical rehabilitation equipment. It is good at dealing with all kinds of pregnancy complicated with emergency and severe diseases and difficult internal and surgical complications. Through the professional medical team, the maternal from prenatal screening, delivery, postpartum recovery, surgical treatment, postoperative recovery guidance and other stages of diagnosis and treatment.
Carry out the project

1. First-class environment of obstetrics wards, perfect system of treatment for common obstetrical diseases and serious illnesses

The obstetrics wards are all warm single rooms and VIP suites, the environment is first-class in the province, the medical staff has solid skills, the department has a set of comprehensive treatment plans and a complete post-care service system in the treatment of common obstetrical diseases and critical illnesses, for example, for eclampsia HELLP syndrome postpartum hemorrhage, amniotic fluid embolism, placental abruption, pregnancy combined with heart disease, fetal distress and other acute and critical illnesses can be timely We are able to detect, diagnose, and rescue the patients.

2. All labor rooms are family labor rooms, which are equipped with the province's leading first-class clean labor rooms, all labor rooms are family labor rooms, the waiting room is the delivery room, the waiting bed is the delivery bed, we advocate natural childbirth, based on family labor rooms, with soothing music, guided labor, various analgesic techniques, family members accompanying the whole process and other special services, full care during labor The family-centered birth experience allows mothers to welcome new family members under the careful care of professional medical staff and family members, while providing comprehensive protection for the safety of mothers and newborns, making childbirth an enjoyable experience is the goal of our service.

3、Obstetrics Clinic provides a full range of pregnancy health care services for pregnant women. There are 11 consultation rooms in Obstetrics Clinic, with special consultation rooms such as Specialist Clinic, Director Clinic, High Risk Pregnancy Clinic, Pregnancy Nutrition Clinic, Pregnancy Psychology Clinic and Pregnancy School, which can carry out pregnancy diagnosis, fetal disease screening, maternity examination and health care during pregnancy, pregnancy nutrition guidance, high risk pregnancy monitoring and other special services. The maternity school can provide professional guidance on pregnancy knowledge class, pregnancy couple co-parenting, yoga body shaping, childbirth preparation, postpartum rehabilitation, etc., providing pregnant women with a full range of pregnancy healthcare services.

The department carries out all kinds of delivery techniques and has advanced neonatal monitoring equipment and postpartum and postoperative medical rehabilitation equipment, such as central fetal heart monitor, fetal umbilical blood flow monitor, neonatal resuscitation equipment, analgesic delivery equipment, postpartum postoperative rehabilitation equipment, microwave therapy instrument, high-definition hysteroscope, amnioscope and other advanced medical equipment. The medical and nursing team of obstetrics department is good at dealing with all kinds of pregnancy combined with acute and critical diseases as well as difficult medical and surgical complications, escorting the safety of the majority of pregnant women throughout pregnancy.

5、The treatment of high-risk pregnancy and childbirth is at the leading level in the province, and the treatment of high-risk pregnancy and childbirth, abnormal delivery, difficult delivery, neonatal asphyxia resuscitation, high-risk baby, premature baby, very low weight baby rescue, hysteroscopic minimally invasive technology, etc. are at the leading level in the province.

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