Breast Cancre Surgery
Department introduction
  • The treatment of breast reconstruction with free flap is at the advanced level in China.Sentinel lymph node biopsy was pioneered in Jilin Province.The rate of breast-conserving surgery is higher than that of other class 3 grade A hospitals.Breast Cancer Surgery is a clinical department focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of breast tumors, providing breast screening, diagnosis of breast cancer lesions, treatment, follow-up and rehabilitation guidance for primary and recurrent breast cancer.The department synchronizes the treatment concept of Peking University Cancer Hospital and Tianjin Cancer Hospital, and carries out various breast diagnostic techniques and breast surgery. We have accumulated rich clinical experience in breast-conserving treatment of breast cancer, sentinel lymph node biopsy, and breast reconstruction.
Carry out the project

Biopsy of anterior lymph nodes by nuclear method

Molybdenum targeting 3D localization aspiration biopsy

Sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast cancer

Breast and axillary conserving surgery for breast cancer

Infusion port implantation                                                     

Nano-carbon method for thyroid cancer cervical lymph node dissection

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