Diagnostic Pathology Centre
Department introduction
  • Rapid pathological diagnosis was carried out to optimize surgical treatment.The pathological diagnosis results are recognized nationally.The department synchronized the pathological diagnosis system of Peking University Cancer Hospital and Fudan University Cancer Hospital in Shanghai, strictly implemented the pathological operation specifications of each system, established the whole process of high-quality work flow of preoperative biopsy, intraoperative freezing and postoperative pathology, and established a perfect quality control and quality assurance system of pathological diagnosis. In addition, the latest research results and clinical and pathological guidelines at home and abroad are constantly followed, especially the CSCO cancer diagnosis guidelines, NCCN clinical practice guidelines, pathological guidelines of various systems, pathological diagnosis and molecular diagnosis basis and indicators are kept updated in a timely manner.The department of pathology is equipped with the worlds advanced equipment such as Roche automatic immunomogizing machine, Leica automatic immunomogizing machine, multi-person microscope, automatic section scanning, etc., which can carry out dozens of molecular pathological testing projects applied in pathological diagnosis and targeted therapy.
Carry out the project

1Histopathological examination and diagnosis

Local excisional tissue biopsy

Surgical specimen examination

Puncture tissue biopsy

Endoscopic tissue biopsy

Intraoperative frozen section examination

Bone marrow biopsy

2Cytopathological examination and diagnosis

Cytological examination of body fluid

Fine needle aspiration cytology examination

Exfoliative cytology examination

3Special staining diagnostic techniques

Special staining and enzyme histochemical staining

Immunohistochemical staining

4Molecular genetic diagnosis laboratory test items

Breast cancer, gastric cancer, etc.: Her-2 gene amplification detection, BRCA gene mutation detection, MSI detection, pan solid tumor 425 gene detection, HER-2 gene amplification detection, POLE gene (4 hot spots) detection

Glioma: IDH1, IDH2, TERT gene mutation detection; MGMT gene methylation detection; 1p/19q co-deletion detection

Lung cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, etc.: EGFR (including blood T790m)/KRAS/BRAF gene mutation detection, EML4-ALK, ROS-1 fusion gene detection, CTC (folate receptor positive circulating tumor cells) detection, lung cancer 9+1 gene mutation detection, lung cancer 6 gene (14 gene) mutation detection, lung cancer 139 gene detection, pan solid tumor 425 gene detection, intestinal cancer/lung cancer 10 gene mutation detection, MSI detection

Lymphoma: IgK, IgH, IgL, TCRB, TCRG, TCRD gene rearrangement detection

Gastrointestinal mesenchymal tumor: c-kit, PDGFRα gene mutation detection

(6) HPV genotyping test

(vii) Mycobacterium tuberculosis detection, etc.

EBER in situ hybridization test

Thymidine kinase 1 (TK1) cell cycle detection

5Difficult pathology consultation

6Pathological autopsy

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