Department of Cardiology
Department introduction
  • Strictly implement the national standard chest pain center treatment system.Coronary artery and aortic interventional therapy is at the advanced level in the province.The Department of Cardiology synchronously carried out the latest treatment technology in Beijing Anzhen Hospital, and the difficult interventional treatment such as cardiac interventional surgery, coronary angiography, interventional therapy supported by aortic balloon pump, and percutaneous aortic endovascular exclusion for aortic dissection (tumor) has reached the domestic advanced level.The department is equipped with a series of cutting-edge medical equipment such as Siemens Artiszee Biplane IR angiography machine, Philips Azirion 7M line blood shadow × photography system and so on. They have accumulated rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, myocarditis, heart failure, rheumatic heart disease cardiomyopathy and other cardiovascular diseases.The department implemented the chest pain center treatment system, 24-hour green channel, and opened the helicopter air rescue service, which could greatly reduce the rescue time, carry out emergency treatment at the first time without fear of any adverse conditions, and provide a green life channel for heart disease patients.
Carry out the project

Interventional surgery for difficult and complex lesions

Coronary angiography

Interventional treatment with the support of aortic balloon counterpulsation

Percutaneous intracavitary aortic isolation for aortic coarctation (aneurysm)

Utah left main artery lesions

Bifurcation lesions

Chronic total occlusive lesions

Interventional treatment of calcified lesions

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