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  • Strictly follow the principle of internationally recognized AO treatment.The technology of transforaminal endoscopy and arthroscopy is at the advanced level in the province.The Department of Orthopedics strictly follows the internationally recognized AO treatment principles. In addition to the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and frequent diseases, it is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of rare, difficult and critical cases, and can provide high-quality and efficient medical services for patients.Department can be divided into the spine, joints, trauma, sports medicine, bone tumors, such as professional, many professional fields has reached advanced domestic level. The orthopedic ward has modern medical equipment, such as ultrasonic bone knife Siemens digital subtraction C-arm, American Da Vinci 3D surgical robot, German Joimax full visual foraminal scope, arthroscope, EMG neural monitoring system and other advanced instruments, which can meet the diagnosis and treatment needs of patients with various aggregate diseases.
Carry out the project

Routine diagnosis and treatment of common and multiple diseases

Skilled in the treatment of rare, difficult and critical cases

Minimally invasive techniques for surgical treatment of limb, spine, pelvis and joint trauma

Specializes in complex surgical treatment of spine and joints

Carry out the fourth generation of da Vinci surgery robot surgery

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