Gynecological Oncology Surgery
Department introduction
  • Precision radiotherapy for gynecological tumors was achieved by 3D afterloading radiotherapy.The department synchronized the radiotherapy protocol of Peking University Cancer Hospital. In gynecologic malignant tumor radiotherapy, chemotherapy and molecular targeted therapy, such as cervical cancer, endometrial cancer and vulvar cancer postoperative preventive radiotherapy of malignant tumor, and radical radiotherapy of department of gynaecology, as well as the recurrence and metastasis of malignant tumor of department of gynaecology palliative radiotherapy.
Carry out the project

MRI-guided 3D brachytherapy

Project Description.

MRI-guided three-dimensional brachytherapy is brachytherapy guided by MRI image positioning, while most domestic radiotherapy centers still use CT positioning for three-dimensional brachytherapy.

The advantage of MRI over CT is the superior soft tissue resolution, which is especially crucial for the outline of brachytherapy target area for cervical cancer, a common gynecological malignancy. Compared with CT, MRI can better display the extent of parametrial and tumor invasion during brachytherapy target area outline, avoiding over-evaluation of tumor extent under CT guidance, which further shrinks the isodose curve, thus providing higher MRI can better show the extent of parametrial and tumor invasion when outlining the target area, avoiding the over-evaluation of tumor extent under CT guidance and further shrinking the isodose curve, thus providing higher dose to the target area and better protection of surrounding organs. It can improve the tumor control rate and reduce the side damage to normal organs of patients.

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